White - Pure Bliss
In interior design and styling white is a neutral background colour but is also used to highlight stronger hues in a colour scheme. On the other hand white can make strong colours even more prominent.
Trend forecasters in Europe predict the colour white to become the hero of spring and summer 2013. Bright, breezy, light, summer, young and fresh, joyful, lifting the spirits, colour of purity and innocence - feelings associated with the colour white. Red works well with other warm colours like orange and yellow, the neighbours on the colour wheel. In general use yellow in artwork, cushions, decor or an area rug to inject a splash of colour to your interior.
Orange happiness
Orange is the only colour named after an object. Orange is a secondary colour mixed out of red and yellow and therefore combines the energy and drama of red with the happiness of yellow. Contrast orange with a cool turquoise and add warm neutrals to create a vibrant and interesting scheme.
Green - achieve balance and harmony
Green is such a great colour, it is the colour of nature and surrounds us every day. The Pantone Colour of the Year 2013: PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, is a lively, radiant, lush green.
Bring calmness and relaxation to your interiors by introducing the colour green. Mix yellow-greens and blue-greens to create an exciting colour scheme.
Blue - a constant in our lives
As the colour blue is associated with the ocean and the sky, it is seen as a constant factor in our lives. Blue is one of the most popular colours and described as the favourite colour by many people, especially by men. Grey lives in the middle between black and white and seems to have no own personality.
In cooler climates or in cold rooms and under cold light it can be difficult to decorate with a cool grey as the closer the grey gets to black, the more light it absorbs and the more it demands from its surroundings.
In interior styling, grey in all its shades is a versatile and flexible colour. As black absorbs all light and colour it is literally speaking the absence of all colour. Priests wear black to show their submission to God.
In interior decorating use black and white to create interest with a contrasting colour scheme. Paint a wall in black, combine it with white and inject a bright accent colour to create an elegant interior. Use brown for focal pieces of furniture like dining tables, sofa tables, lounges or sideboards and decorate with brighter accent colours in cushions, art and decor.
Purple - Get inspired and creative
Purple - one of my favourite colours - is mixed of the primary colours blue and red and combines the power of red and the calmness of blue.