There are many ways you could improve your home decor and one of the easiest yet most dramatic is with light. Use mirrors to create a feeling more space - your room will look larger if you install life-size mirrors on one of the walls. Use color to improve the mood and project a feeling of more space - your room will definitely look bigger if the walls are colored in pastel colors. Contrast instead of coordinating the color theme in your home - when you contrast colors of your fixtures in your home, your house will look more vibrant and it will pull away the attention of the beholder from its size. Try contrasting the wall colors against your furniture, the carpet and the curtains of your home. Have your home de-cluttered - clutter not only makes your home look untidy, but also makes the rooms look small. Fill your home with photographs of your family and dear ones - fill one wall in your living area with photographs of your family. The more memories you have on your wall the warmer you will feel about your life and family - and this is what will make your house a warm and beautiful home.
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